Falling in love with ghosts, and things get a little political.

I had a partner who used two names
"For better or for worse" we did claim
Wore kilt and tie down the aisle
Two stints in rehab - still in denial

- M. from Montreal

I had a girl, her name was Joyce,
With a gentle touch and a golden voice
Had to let her go, what do you expect,
When she forged my name on stolen cheques

- P. from Montreal

I loved a ghost his name was Paul
He haunted a house in Montreal
I could never hold him or kiss him it's true
We couldn't do much so I taught him kungfu

- C. from Montreal

I once slept with a boy named chad
Best damn lover I ever had
But I quickly lost my erection
When he voted Harper in the election

- N. from Calgary

I had a boy whose name was Bert,
He thought he was so pretty that it hurt.
Told me I was like no other girl,
But his hobby of getting around made me want to hurl.

- D. from Toronto

I had a girl her name was Tiff
She was real cute and made me all stiff
but it turned out she had a problem
Always screamed a name and mines not Jonothan

- Robert from Davenport, FL

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