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So It Goes Verses

A few more verses (things get racy!) 

I had a friend called Mary-Ann,
I thought we were in love, but then,
she looked me in the eye and took my hands,
said "gays can be such lovely friends".
- Goemon, from Calgary

I had a girl named Allison
She swore I was her only one
But things went downhill awful quick
When I found out about her numbers two through six
- Peter from Kew Gardens, NY

I had a friend, she want by E
We had sex, then she fell for me
We dated for a bit, then things we're cool
Don't f*** your friends is the golden rule
- Stephanie from Boston

Falling in love with ghosts, and things get a little political. 

I had a partner who used two names
"For better or for worse" we did claim
Wore kilt and tie down the aisle
Two stints in rehab - still in denial

- M. from Montreal

I had a girl, her name was Joyce,
With a gentle touch and a golden voice
Had to let her go, what do you expect,
When she forged my name on stolen cheques

- P. from Montreal

I loved a ghost his name was Paul
He haunted a house in Montreal
I could never hold him or kiss him it's true
We couldn't do much so I taught him kungfu

- C. from Montreal

I once slept with a boy named chad
Best damn lover I ever had
But I quickly lost my erection
When he voted Harper in the election

- N. from Calgary

I had a boy whose name was Bert,
He thought he was so pretty that it hurt.
Told me I was like no other girl,
But his hobby of getting around made me want to hurl.

- D. from Toronto

I had a girl her name was Tiff
She was real cute and made me all stiff
but it turned out she had a problem
Always screamed a name and mines not Jonothan

- Robert from Davenport, FL

New verses from the weekend! 

Also, apparently some fans have turned this contest into a drinking game. 

I had lady whose name was Kat
kooky little brainiac livin in my flat
we got real close and we got there fast
then she stomped on my heart left me on my ass!

- Z. From Montreal

I met a girl with the codename Macy.
She was into strange conspiracy.
Our first date was quite pedestrian,
so she said I was an evil reptilian.

- I. from Montreal

Saturday August 17th (First Batch of Verses!) 

I had a boy whose name was Tony
Thought he was a catch, turned out to be a phony
Packed my bags and left him on a plane
With all his other girls, he didn’t know my name
- Kayla from Nashville, TN

I had a Girl was a Cuisinart
Coffee was divine, thought we’d never part
She'd always be brewin' before I got up
Then bugs got in her and got in my cup
- M. from Maryland

i had a boy his name was mart
platonic soul-mate, sweet and smart
he wished he were a lesbian
so i would more likely be into him
- L. from Montreal, QC

I loved a girl and her name was Nat
Had her nose turned up like the face of a cat.
She rode up with her next big fling
Packed up all her bags and gave me back the ring.
- A. from Saint John, NB

I had a boy his name was Ted,
The funniest guy that I’ve ever met.
He smoked a lot of grass and watched cartoons,
Then he left me for a girl with a snaggle tooth.
- R. from Kingston ON

I had a girl and her name was Ash,
She also had a boyfriend, but I thought she was a catch.
Didn’t believe in evolution, even that was okay.
Too bad for me, she wasn’t that gay.
- A. from Toronto, ON

I had a girl whose name was Ch'i
Sexiest thing Oh me oh my!
She was always at war
I longed for peace
I flew south with canadian geese
- I. from Saskatoon, SK

I had a boy whose name was Scott
Didn't know him very well but I liked him a lot
Hopped on a plane to meet him in BC
Found out he had a girl, and it wasn't me
- Vic from Montreal

I had a boy his name was Scott,
Smooth talking salesman and really hot.
couldn't help but call it quits,
His love for Nickelback made me sick.

- A. from Kingston