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Photo by Stacy Ann Lee

Photo by Stacy Ann Lee

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Photo by David Allen

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Photo by Grace Glowicki

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Live Show Praise
"Raw and open-ended" "NNNN" - Sarah Greene, NOW Toronto

"Du folk magnifique!" - Mélissa Thibodeau, MatTV

"Corinna berce tranquillement l’auditoire et l’emmène avec elle dans un monde parfois morose, parfois cocasse, mais toujours pertinent. Cette musicienne est définitivement une artiste à surveiller pour les années à venir." - Lauriane Giroux, Le Délit

#10 Best Songwriter on CultMTL's Best Of 2013 list


Praise for "The Wharf" 


Nominated: GAMIQ - Folk EP of the Year (2016) 
"Mixing up jazz, folk and chamber pop, Rose takes a traditional template and then doodles all over it, adding her own signature curlicues to create something familiar and refreshing" - Quick Before It Melts

"A versatile songwriter" - Kerry Doole, New Canadian Music 

Praise for "Northeast Southwest" 

"Ms. Rose delivers something unexpectedly heartbreaking in the kind of way I had thought only Sufjan Stevens could do with a soft whisper. There is an edge to her words, which remain calming and beckoning despite. The lyrics are poetry to music." - Pamela Filion, ForgetTheBox 
"Rose reveals herself as a charmingly eccentric chamber pop songwriter of depth and imagination. Like the title would suggest, Northeast Southwest travels pretty much all over the map in tone and style with songs like the ticking and twisty alt/folk surprise "There Is Darkness, There Is Light" slowly pulling back the curtain to display a full-stage of odd, occasionally jazzy time signatures, minor chord melange and harmonies that converge and split apart unpredictably" - Direct Current

"L'univers de Corinna Rose oscille entre les rythmiques folk des Soeurs Boulay et les intonations feutrées de Norah Jones ou Ingrid St-Pierre[...] Le tableau d'ensemble résulte des ballades fortes qui nous forcent à apprécier chaque petite subtilité qui grouille à travers ses tendres mélodies" - La Bible Urbaine 

"The album closer, "So It Goes", is one of the best roots songs I've heard all year. It's a true banjo-plucking gem." - SnobsMusic 
"A truly stunning album" - Grayowl Point 

Featured on the Best of Corby's Orbit 2013 list