Saturday August 17th (First Batch of Verses!)

I had a boy whose name was Tony
Thought he was a catch, turned out to be a phony
Packed my bags and left him on a plane
With all his other girls, he didn’t know my name
- Kayla from Nashville, TN

I had a Girl was a Cuisinart
Coffee was divine, thought we’d never part
She'd always be brewin' before I got up
Then bugs got in her and got in my cup
- M. from Maryland

i had a boy his name was mart
platonic soul-mate, sweet and smart
he wished he were a lesbian
so i would more likely be into him
- L. from Montreal, QC

I loved a girl and her name was Nat
Had her nose turned up like the face of a cat.
She rode up with her next big fling
Packed up all her bags and gave me back the ring.
- A. from Saint John, NB

I had a boy his name was Ted,
The funniest guy that I’ve ever met.
He smoked a lot of grass and watched cartoons,
Then he left me for a girl with a snaggle tooth.
- R. from Kingston ON

I had a girl and her name was Ash,
She also had a boyfriend, but I thought she was a catch.
Didn’t believe in evolution, even that was okay.
Too bad for me, she wasn’t that gay.
- A. from Toronto, ON

I had a girl whose name was Ch'i
Sexiest thing Oh me oh my!
She was always at war
I longed for peace
I flew south with canadian geese
- I. from Saskatoon, SK

I had a boy whose name was Scott
Didn't know him very well but I liked him a lot
Hopped on a plane to meet him in BC
Found out he had a girl, and it wasn't me
- Vic from Montreal

I had a boy his name was Scott,
Smooth talking salesman and really hot.
couldn't help but call it quits,
His love for Nickelback made me sick.

- A. from Kingston

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